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Residential Blind Cleaning

Bedroom with grey walls, long white curtains and metal blinds

Three convenient service options, same great results!

On-Site Service is performed in a mobile truck at your home using state-of-the-art cleaning technology. The mobile trucks are completely equipped to meet your blind cleaning and repair needs. We come to your home, remove the blinds and take them to our truck for cleaning. Once cleaned to perfection, the blinds are dried and re-hung on the same window they were removed from.

Pick Up & Delivery is another convenient service offered to our customers. With this same-day service, we pick-up your blinds in the morning, take them to our facility for cleaning, and return that same afternoon or early evening.

Drop-Off Service is available for customers in a hurry to have their blinds cleaned. Drop off your blinds at our Carol Stream location before 11 a.m. and, in most cases, they will be ready at the end of the business day. Please call prior to drop-off.

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We service all types of blinds with the same worry-free, professional care.

What is Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning?

Ultrasonics is a revolutionary method of cleaning your blinds through the use of sound waves. Ultrasonic cleaning is fast, efficient, and completely safe. No dangerous chemicals or moving parts are involved in the cleaning process. Ultrasonics cleans the vanes of blinds, as well as the cords, ladders, strings, and wand. In addition, ultrasonics cleans and lubricates the head rail… leaving you with a new blind!

How does Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning work?

Within our ultrasonic cleaning tanks, transducers create sound waves at 40,000 cycles per second. These sound waves produce microscopic bubbles that implode (not explode), creating a vacuum that pulls dirt particles from an object. Because these bubbles are so small, every nook and cranny is cleaned, along with the most stubborn dirt and stains. Not only does ultrasonic cleaning improve the appearance of your blinds, but our process improves the quality of your home or office environment as well. Ultrasonics eliminates dust, bacteria, odors, smoke, and other germs that cause allergies!

For more information on Ultrasonic Cleaning, call 630-871-2907 or sign-up to receive informational materials and special offers.

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